A project co-financed by the Italian Government, the Central European Initiative and Informest
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The IDEA Project is co-financed by the Italian Government and by Central European Initiative (CEI). The Project is co-ordinated by Informest and it is implemented in partnership with CEI and BSMEPA, Bulgarian SME Promotion Agency. Since the Project is financed by the Italian Government with the funds of Italian Law n.84/01 "Provisions for the Italian participation to stabilisation, reconstruction and development of the Balkans", a particular attention is given to the Countries of South Eastern Europe.

When the IDEA Project was designed there were no other on-line informative instruments dedicated to Small and Medium Enterprises of the Central Eastern and South Eastern Europe providing updated and complete information concerning the products and services offered by Business Supporting Organizations (private or public) working in that area.

The business services market is now in the starting development phase in this area and it is characterised by a limited and heterogeneous offer. As a result, there are still obstacles for the further consolidation of the regional economic system, a loss of development opportunities for SMEs and an hindrance in supporting the start-up and the development of SME partnerships.

In addition, although it`s possible to classify almost all the services demand of the SMEs in a limited number of categories (financing research, partner research, market analysis and research, business plans, tenders, etc.), there are several specific services which is not possible to classify. In this last case, it is very difficult for the SMEs to identify the most proper interlocutor.

Moreover, it`s hard to collect information on concluded and on going SME development Projects implemented by Business Support Organizations and financed by international, national and local Donors.

The aim of the IDEA Project is to fill this information gap: the Project intends to monitor, region by region, the existing SME supporting services provided and the SME development projects implemented by national, regional and local Business Supporting Organizations.