A project co-financed by the Italian Government, the Central European Initiative and Informest
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A first assessment of the IDEA Project impact at national level

The potential of the IDEA Project facilities to support the SME development in the CEI region was debated on the occasion of the Project Final Conference held in Sofia on 8 June 2007 in the framework of the CEI Bulgarian Presidency for 2007 and co-organized by the three Project partners - INFORMEST, CEI and BSMEPA.

The main outcome of the IDEA Project is the Interactive Web Platform - available at http://ideanetwork.progetti.informest.itIDEA Network - which provides specific online facilities to support the SME development, such as a database of Business Support Organisations (at present more than 230) and related services as well as a comprehensive list of projects under implementation (currently 650). The IDEA National Focal Points and the representatives of the public and private sectors attending the Final Conference had the opportunity to exchange views and experiences on the impact of the Project facilities at national level and advanced proposals for enhancing the effectiveness of the Interactive Web Platform and ensure its self-sustainability. In particular, great interest was expressed in the possibility provided by the IDEA Project to be involved in joint projects at international level. As the portal has been recently launched, the National Focal Points also underlined the need to ensure and strengthen the visibility and accessibility to the portal services in order to allow a more active and effective involvement of the Business Support Organisations.

New ideas were launched on the follow-up of the Project, such as the creation of sections within the portal where to present best practices and events on SME sector, and the development of "IDEA sub-projects" in order to foster the co-operation among the users of the Interactive System. Further efforts will be undertaken by the CEI to involve those countries not yet included in the network.

The next occasion for dissemination and evaluation of the IDEA Project will be the 10th CEI Summit Economic Forum on 20-21 November 2007 in Sofia.

Download http://ideanetwork.progetti.informest.itstory/IDEA_Project_Final_Conference_REPORT.dochere the Report of the IDEA Final Conference.